Pelles Kodfabrik

Hi, I'm Pelle Wessman. I live in Malmö, Sweden where I'm freelancing as a web developer after having spent 4-5 years at HD-Sydsvenskan/Bonnier News building their new in-house platform for,, Calpal and more.

I'm a full-stack web developer, open source contributor and IndieWeb participant.

I admire collaboration, open processes and those who gets things done.

I tweet, I contribute code on GitHub and I occasionally blog and share links.

In the past I've had the joy of working at Bloglovin, Valtech, Flattr, Good Old + have on and off done some nice freelancing in between.

Some of my personal projects are A WebMention Endpoint, Micropub to GitHub, Sass Color Helpers and eg. PG PubSub and other npm modules.

If you need to contact me, then you can do so at or, if it's urgent, +46 705-15 88 21.

P.S. "Pelles Kodfabrik" is Swedish for "Pelle's Code Factory". It was the name of my first company, that I started +10 years ago.